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Aqua Aerobic

Aqua aerobic

Aqua-aerobic classes are organised regularly in SPA_larnia DAY SPA. They are given by qualified instructors. Physical training in the water shapes your body perfectly and helps you get rid of needless kilograms. It has also a good impact on lungs work, strengthening muscles and joints, as well as the overall fitness level. Aqua aerobic classes in SPA_larnia DAY SPA are a good activity for everyone, including seniors, people with overweight, osteoporosis, after joint diseases and with arterial hypertension.

In SPA_larnia, we offer 4 groups of classes:

  • Aqua slim – high-intensity slimming exercises, that help you get a slim figure and great mood
  • Aquaaerobic 50+ - aqua aerobic exercises dedicated to the Ladies at the age of 50+; it is a perfect opportunity to get together and to maintain a good condition
  • Aquaaerobic – classic aerobic exercises, with energetic music
  • Water gymnastics – exercises with elements of rehabilitation, with calm music, that help you maintain good posture and train your muscles.

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