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Learn to swim

Learning to swim

Step 01:

The learning swimming programme consists mostly of the initial adaptation to the aquatic environment, so that means learning basic swimming skills such as:

  • Dipping face in the water, intense breath, orientation under the water surface (without swimming goggles)
  • Introduction to the water lift and static swimming principles, changing body position in the water (from horizontal to vertical and the other way around)
  • Learning how to slide on your chest and on your back, rotating body in all directions

Mastered techniques:

  • Simplified swimming on the back
  • Simplified crawl swimming
  • Elements of water jumping

Swimming lessons covers all age groups

Preschoolers 4 - 6 YEARS

Classes adaptation to the aquatic environment are conducted in a fun way.
During the course the young swimmers acquire skills:

Free behavior in water and calm response to external stimuli
Opening eyes underwater
Head dipping into the water
Mastering the active exhaust water
Preschoolers who move freely in the water, learn to swim backstroke and front crawl with elements of diving.


The curriculum consists of mainly pre-adaptation to the aquatic environment, and thus learn the basic swimming skills such as:

Draught face of increased exhaust into the water below the water surface orientation (without glasses)
Acquainted with the displacement of the water and swim static rules, changes in body position in the water (from horizontal to vertical and vice versa)
Teaching slides on the chest and on the back of the rotation of the body in all directions
The main objective of this program is to master the art group swimming on the back, crawl and jump into the water on the legs and head.

Step 02:

The attention mainly on the following skills:

Improving Backstroke
Improving crawl
Improving technology moves
Improving the efficiency of movement
Improvement of breathing
Improvement of coordination
Introducing new elements swimming techniques:

Learning to swim breaststroke
Dolphin swimming lessons
Recurrences individual swimming techniques
The sessions last 45 minutes.

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