SPA_larnia DAY SPA uses cosmetics of the highest quality. In our rich offer, you'll find beauty treatments or relaxing massages. We will also gladly help you pick cosmetics for your care at home.

Meet the brands that we use.


Everyone has its own unique beauty that results from natural beauty as well as from the life that one leads. The SENSAI brand, taking uniqueness of the skin into consideration, helps to abstract this beauty, thanks to the products that combine precious silk qualities with the most advanced technologies in beauty care. Silk, called "the second skin", is the most precious fibre in the world, thanks to its smooth texture and low permeability. Among all types of silk, the most valuable one is a very rare Koishimaru Silk from Japan. It is defined as a "valuable treasure". The SENSAI brand has found special power in this unique fibre.

Aromatherapy Associates – Meet the power of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Associates is a luxurious brand of natural SPA cosmetics. Its activity is based on essential oils, which – through aromatherapy – caress body and soul, making you feel blisfully relaxed and at ease. The products' formulas were made based on extracted, therapeutically picked components and vegetable essential oils. The Aromatherapy Associates treatments are conducted in the most prestigious SPA facilities, such as The Dheva Spa, Marriott, Mandarin Oriental or Hyatt. The treatments and products of this brand has been repeatedly awarded as a highly effective, luxurious and aromatherapeutic one. Starting from now, you can also feel the luxurious impact of aromatherapy on your own skin.


It is a French brand with an over 80-year tradition of creating face and body beauty products of the highest quality. Founded by a a chemist, Georges Gay, it remains until this day the only totally independent and family-owned French cosmetic company, which, thanks to its laboratories and factory, creates safe and effective preparations, fulfilling every skin's needs. Company's philosophy is based on the concept of scientific approach toward beauty. Thanks to company's own research and work, cosmetics with innovative formulas are made, with a unusually high content of active components – even 36,5%. The Academie cosmetics mean incredibly gentle fragrances and mellow consistencies which make professional treatments, as well as beauty care at home, a unique pleasure. High quality of the products of this brand is certified by numerous awards and commendations gained in Poland and in the world, as well as its presence in the most exclusive salons and SPA centres in France and 62 other countries.


Beauty and relax treatments based on natural and ecological cosmetics of the Polish brand, Mokosh – they are splendid in their simplicity and high-quality raw materials. Mokosh pays a lot of attention to the value of the idea of taking care of yourself consciously, which means choosing natural products that are safe for your skin. This idea combines perfectly with the idea of SPA_larnia DAY SPA, which tries to function in harmony with nature since almost 10 years.


The OPI brand has been an absolute leader on the market of products for professional hand, feet and nails treatment. In the beginning, it was a small, family-owned company, which – thanks to the quality of its products – gained a lot of fans in the whole world in a very short time. Today, OPI is a real giant that cares about professionalism and uniqueness of the products. The company employs a group of scientists who use the most advanced technologies while creating the products. OPIS is the creator of stylistics and style when it comes to beautifying hands and feet.

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