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Milon - 36 minutes


Milon training system is an effect of years of tests and research on biomechanics, physiology and effectiveness of physical activity. Thanks to professional knowledge of personal trainers and high-class training equipment, we introduce the concept of effective and safe circuit training.

The sequence of exercises, their selection, timing and increasing weights are thoroughly considered, adapted to training's effectiveness and to individual abilities. Maintaining continuity of the exercises allows you to maintain proper heart rate, variable resistance supports building strong muscles, strengthening joints and tendons. According to the specialists of personal training, exercising using the Milon system is 30% more effective than a traditional training. Using resistance engines instead of traditional, cast-iron ones makes the training more effective, and its effects are felt sooner. What is also important, is the experience. We work on condition and figure of our members since November 2014.

Effects of training on the system Milon:

  • strengthen all major muscle groups,
  • stabilize posture,
  • firming skin,
  • improve circulation.

    Training Milon due to the possibility of adjusting the burden can be successfully used by both beginners and advanced. Safety and Ergonomics machines make the hardware is also dedicated to the training of medical fitness after injuries to people or seniors.


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